Great News – Shanklish recipe featured in an online Magazine

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DSC00533I have great news to share with all of you Cheeserank magazine, a website that celebrates everything that is cheese have made an article about Shanklish cheese and they contacted me to feature my recipe and picture on their website.
The “2015 Trend Alert: The Middle Eastern Cheese You Need To Know” article is just amazing, its short and to the point explaining a cheese that is obscure and is about time to get noticed in the world of cheese ;).

Looks like 2015 is going to be the year of middle eastern cuisines, so foodies of the world get cooking and indulge in the regions intricate and fresh flavors, no kabab, falafel or humus anymore lets venture in to the less known recipes and ingredients such as shanklish, mlookhye, magloubeh and many more.

Please do share the article with your friends and readers and lets spread the word about the beauty of the middle east together.

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Light and delicious no-cook Jordanian breakfast

DSC00444So today’s post isn’t a recipe actually, I just wanted to share with you guys what Jordanian’s have for breakfast on these hot summer days.

One of my favorite meals in Jordan are today’s breakfast, I love eating figs, green grapes with white Arabic cheese, the saltiness of the cheese paired with the sweet firm grapes and juicy figs are an amazing treat that can be eaten at any time really.

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Gatayef – Middle Eastern Pancakes

DSC00430Around the Middle East and the Islamic world everyone is celebrating the fasting month of Ramadan, and on this occasion I want to wish all of my Muslim friends and anyone who reads my blog a blessed Ramadan!

Now even if you don’t celebrate Ramadan like me, that doesn’t mean you cant make the delicious sweets that are popular during this month, today I will be presenting to you a recipe for an amazing, easy and authentic Arabic pancake named Gatayef, its a dough slightly similar to pancake filled with walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, cheese and all kinds of delicious goods, if you think we stop here think again, we then fry them (I believe you are sold) dipped in a simple syrup infused with rose water.


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Jordanian Mansaf – Lamb cooked in a yogurt sauce – المنسف الأردني



Mansaf: Jordan’s national dish, the pride and joy of Jordanians.

It is a dish made of bone in lamb chunks (they have to be big as they will cook for a long time), slowly cooked in a goat yogurt sauce made from Jameed, served on a bed of rice, and topped with toasted pine-nuts and almonds.

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Manaeish – Middle Eastern Pizza

Zaatar and Cheese Manoosheh

Manaeish is a delicious middle eastern breakfast, it is made of flat dough topped with zaatar,  cheese, or meat mixture and baked in the oven, it looks like a pizza and a lot of people in the west refer to it as a Middle Eastern Pizza.

Manakish or Manaeish (مناقيش) the plural of Manoosheh (منقوشة) means decorated or stamped. Old women in the villages used to spread the dough with their fingers leaving a decorative pattern on the dough. The manoosheh is usually formed into single serving size similar to a pita bread size, but some bakeries now make big manakish. 

Tabbouleh Salad – تبولة

 Tabbouleh Salad
This is a delicious Middle Eastern salad, very refreshing and filling, as someone who struggles with weight issues this healthy option is a favorite of mine and might be my lunch believe it or not!
Out of curiosity I surfed the net to see how popular tabbouleh is, and I was shocked of how many posts, recipes, and videos where made with so many variations that I almost cried because it cannot be called tabbouleh after all! Don’t get me wrong I love creativity in the kitchen and I don’t think there should be any limitations when cooking, but for a middle eastern, tabbouleh is considered a childhood dish and a comfort food that evokes so many beautiful memories, so changing the essence of this recipe should be criminalized!

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