Jajangmyeon (자장면)- Black Bean noodles

DSC00926The other day while I was walking in my local supermarket, I noticed that the Asian isle got new products, of course I immediately felt like a kid in a candy store.

To my excitement I found fermented black bean paste, which I was craving for some time now, I am not quite sure if it is the same as the Korean Jajangmyeon (in Korean Jajang= Balck bean sauce, myeon= noodles) is slightly bitter where you should cook off that bitterness, so I tasted the paste and it didn’t taste bitter at all to me it tasted heavenly, I actually wanted to slather it on almost everything.



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Chicken liver with a tangy pomegranate molasses sauce

DSC00914Before you get all squeamish hear me out here, I, like most of you have never liked chicken liver mainly due to the eww factor and the fact that I didn’t like the texture of the liver, but once my mom made this recipe where it combined the crunch, the tangy, sweet and salty flavors I changed my mind and devoured the whole dish.

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Cinnamon Tea – Gerfeh bel Joz

DSC00884Cinnamon an amazing spice that is widely used in middle eastern cuisine in both savory and sweet dishes.

Today’s drink is simply called (Gerfeh bel joz) which literary translates into Cinnamon with walnuts, it is a slowly brewed cinnamon tea that is usually consumed in winter to warm you up and lift your spirit. Jordanians usually prepare it after women give birth topping it with chopped up walnuts, why is that? I have no idea its just a tradition!

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Middle Eastern Lentils soup – Shorabet Adas

DSC00871Shorabet El-Adas is my favorite healthy wintry choice of soups to make, its filling, super healthy and ridiculously easy to prepare.

So in order to prepare Shorabet (Soup) El-Adas (Lentils) you will need to get DSC00877

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Korean slow braised chicken – Jjim Dalk – 찜닭

2013-01-16 19.22.30-2In 2012 I had the pleasure to travel to South Korea and was introduced to its rich and mysterious culture and intricate cuisine.

After going back home I had horrible cravings for Korean dumplings (만두),

Seafood scallion pancake (해물파전) or simple scallion pancake, Dakgalbi ( 닭갈비) which is a spicy, super fiery chicken cooked with rice cake and cabbage (to die for), Korean Barbecue which is heaven in a bite and for today’s recipe am making Jjim Dalk, which is a slowly braised chicken dish cooked in a dark caramelized soy sauce with lots of sweet and soft veggies, served with no other than white rice that is, the broth should be sweet, salty, and spicy.

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Nigella’s triple Chocolate Chip Brownies

DSC00861When you feel that your world is crashing down and the light at the end of the tunnel is disappearing, when you are hopeless and weak, triple chocolate brownies is the only thing that could pull you out of your endless misery :P.

Nigella’s triple Chocolate brownie recipe is moist, decadent (without being too sweet) with a bit of a crunch and ever so comforting.

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How to eat Shanklish – Levantine Mezze – Shanklish Salad

DSC00533 Don’t know how to prepare shanklish? don’t worry because today I am preparing a shanklish salad that is perfect with grilled meats or as an appetizer or part of your mezze table 🙂


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Am back! Diet, Hardship and new paths in life – Blog up date :)

I have no idea how to start this post I have been absent for a long time now!

I do really apologize because I promised many things since I started writing this blog but couldn’t deliver, at first I became a little bit lazy then went through some tough times personally (more about this in later posts).

First of all I want to thank all of the readers who are still checking my blog, I am happy that there are still some of you guys regularly checking and sharing my recipes.

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Light and delicious no-cook Jordanian breakfast

DSC00444So today’s post isn’t a recipe actually, I just wanted to share with you guys what Jordanian’s have for breakfast on these hot summer days.

One of my favorite meals in Jordan are today’s breakfast, I love eating figs, green grapes with white Arabic cheese, the saltiness of the cheese paired with the sweet firm grapes and juicy figs are an amazing treat that can be eaten at any time really.

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Rice Pudding with Rose Water and Mastic – My recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Competition

DSC00506Last week I was scrolling down my YouTube account and all of a sudden I saw a video about a cooking contest from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel, the contest is that you should film yourself cooking a recipe with rice being part of it upload it to your YouTube channel and send the link to Jamie Oliver’s team, then they will pick 5 finalists and will feature their recipes on the Food Tube channel for people to vote on which recipe they liked best!

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