Lentils and Bulgur Pilaf – Mujaddara

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Mujaddara, is a vegetarian friendly recipe that consists of cooked lentils with either white rice or bulgur topped with caramelized onions, it is very popular all over the Middle East and considered a staple in Arabic homes.
Usually it is served with yogurt, green salad, pickles, and olives. 
There aren’t many ingredients in this recipe; however the technique will affect your end result. It is not hard but in order to achieve the desired earthy and deep flavor you have to follow the steps to the tee.

Green Beans with tomato sauce – Fasolia Khadra Bzayt

The name of the dish is “Fasolia Khadra Bzayt” in Arabic which literary translate to green beans with olive oil.

A great recipe to keep in your repertoire, it is delicious (Warning: I will be saying that about most if not all of my recipes), easy, healthy and very simple. 
Perfect as a side dish with meats, poultry, and seafood OR a main course with bread/rice, and on its own.

Mediterranean Vegetable Bulgur Pilaf – برغل

So this recipe is one of my all time favorite dishes! My mom invented it while she was on an ALL vegetarian diet a couple of years ago, and ever since we make it at least once every two weeks. 

I like my bulgur spicy you can of course cut down on the chilies, but i think the spiciness of the bulgur in this recipe is suitable with the sweet onions, peppers and tomatoes, it creates a perfect balance.
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Tabbouleh Salad – تبولة

 Tabbouleh Salad
This is a delicious Middle Eastern salad, very refreshing and filling, as someone who struggles with weight issues this healthy option is a favorite of mine and might be my lunch believe it or not!
Out of curiosity I surfed the net to see how popular tabbouleh is, and I was shocked of how many posts, recipes, and videos where made with so many variations that I almost cried because it cannot be called tabbouleh after all! Don’t get me wrong I love creativity in the kitchen and I don’t think there should be any limitations when cooking, but for a middle eastern, tabbouleh is considered a childhood dish and a comfort food that evokes so many beautiful memories, so changing the essence of this recipe should be criminalized!