Jajangmyeon (자장면)- Black Bean noodles

DSC00926The other day while I was walking in my local supermarket, I noticed that the Asian isle got new products, of course I immediately felt like a kid in a candy store.

To my excitement I found fermented black bean paste, which I was craving for some time now, I am not quite sure if it is the same as the Korean Jajangmyeon (in Korean Jajang= Balck bean sauce, myeon= noodles) is slightly bitter where you should cook off that bitterness, so I tasted the paste and it didn’t taste bitter at all to me it tasted heavenly, I actually wanted to slather it on almost everything.



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Korean slow braised chicken – Jjim Dalk – 찜닭

2013-01-16 19.22.30-2In 2012 I had the pleasure to travel to South Korea and was introduced to its rich and mysterious culture and intricate cuisine.

After going back home I had horrible cravings for Korean dumplings (만두),

Seafood scallion pancake (해물파전) or simple scallion pancake, Dakgalbi ( 닭갈비) which is a spicy, super fiery chicken cooked with rice cake and cabbage (to die for), Korean Barbecue which is heaven in a bite and for today’s recipe am making Jjim Dalk, which is a slowly braised chicken dish cooked in a dark caramelized soy sauce with lots of sweet and soft veggies, served with no other than white rice that is, the broth should be sweet, salty, and spicy.

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