Pomegranate cupcakes with a white and dark chocolate ganache frosting – TasteMade contest

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The BEST chocolate cake EVER


Happy Valentine’s day guys I am back with the BEST chocolate cake you can ever have in your life, it is moist, light, decadent and super luxurious, you have to get up buy the ingredients (as if you don’t have dark and milk chocolate bars in your pantry) and make it right now! Its beyond easy to make for special occasions or have it all to your self on valentines; cant think of a better way to spend this commercial holiday (are you sensing any bitterness here? I don’t think so because I have this masterpiece in my fridge and you don’t!!)

I have never been a fan of butter cream frosting or even whipped cream ones they just don’t do it for me!! But this frosting is a winner it has the perfect balance between dark and milk chocolate, it still has little butter 😉 we cant go completely without it, can we now!  Basically its a thick ganache.

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Ghraybeh (Shortbread butter cookies)

DSC01109Ghraybeh is a traditional middle eastern shortbread cookie, it is so easy to make that you will never buy it from the store ever again.

DSC01118This Easter I wanted to make Ka’ak and Maamoul (the recipe will be posted soon), which is more common to be served on Easter, and Islamic holidays, but decided on ghraybeh since its easier and less time consuming, so without further ado I present to you the ingredients:

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Rice Pudding with Rose Water and Mastic – My recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Competition

DSC00506Last week I was scrolling down my YouTube account and all of a sudden I saw a video about a cooking contest from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel, the contest is that you should film yourself cooking a recipe with rice being part of it upload it to your YouTube channel and send the link to Jamie Oliver’s team, then they will pick 5 finalists and will feature their recipes on the Food Tube channel for people to vote on which recipe they liked best!

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Gatayef – Middle Eastern Pancakes

DSC00430Around the Middle East and the Islamic world everyone is celebrating the fasting month of Ramadan, and on this occasion I want to wish all of my Muslim friends and anyone who reads my blog a blessed Ramadan!

Now even if you don’t celebrate Ramadan like me, that doesn’t mean you cant make the delicious sweets that are popular during this month, today I will be presenting to you a recipe for an amazing, easy and authentic Arabic pancake named Gatayef, its a dough slightly similar to pancake filled with walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, cheese and all kinds of delicious goods, if you think we stop here think again, we then fry them (I believe you are sold) dipped in a simple syrup infused with rose water.


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