The BEST chocolate cake EVER


Happy Valentine’s day guys I am back with the BEST chocolate cake you can ever have in your life, it is moist, light, decadent and super luxurious, you have to get up buy the ingredients (as if you don’t have dark and milk chocolate bars in your pantry) and make it right now! Its beyond easy to make for special occasions or have it all to your self on valentines; cant think of a better way to spend this commercial holiday (are you sensing any bitterness here? I don’t think so because I have this masterpiece in my fridge and you don’t!!)

I have never been a fan of butter cream frosting or even whipped cream ones they just don’t do it for me!! But this frosting is a winner it has the perfect balance between dark and milk chocolate, it still has little butter 😉 we cant go completely without it, can we now!  Basically its a thick ganache.

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Ghraybeh (Shortbread butter cookies)

DSC01109Ghraybeh is a traditional middle eastern shortbread cookie, it is so easy to make that you will never buy it from the store ever again.

DSC01118This Easter I wanted to make Ka’ak and Maamoul (the recipe will be posted soon), which is more common to be served on Easter, and Islamic holidays, but decided on ghraybeh since its easier and less time consuming, so without further ado I present to you the ingredients:

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Nigella’s triple Chocolate Chip Brownies

DSC00861When you feel that your world is crashing down and the light at the end of the tunnel is disappearing, when you are hopeless and weak, triple chocolate brownies is the only thing that could pull you out of your endless misery :P.

Nigella’s triple Chocolate brownie recipe is moist, decadent (without being too sweet) with a bit of a crunch and ever so comforting.

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Baked Nutella Bread

   DSC00291Warning: This recipe is highly addictive no rehab center or 12 step program will help in this case, if you don’t mind being a Nutellaholic, then you are welcome to continue reading, however if you have doubts or fears of turning into one, then why fret about them? have a piece of my Baked Nutella bread and your worries will disappear 🙂 at least until your dopamine levels plummet again, then go for seconds …  Problem solved!!

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Manaeish – Middle Eastern Pizza

Zaatar and Cheese Manoosheh

Manaeish is a delicious middle eastern breakfast, it is made of flat dough topped with zaatar,  cheese, or meat mixture and baked in the oven, it looks like a pizza and a lot of people in the west refer to it as a Middle Eastern Pizza.

Manakish or Manaeish (مناقيش) the plural of Manoosheh (منقوشة) means decorated or stamped. Old women in the villages used to spread the dough with their fingers leaving a decorative pattern on the dough. The manoosheh is usually formed into single serving size similar to a pita bread size, but some bakeries now make big manakish. 

Arabic/Middle Eastern Pastry Dough

This is a basic pastry dough that is very handy to learn, as a procrastinator and an impatient person I have always avoided baking, and made simple baked goods like brownies or apple pies, but for the sake of this blog I decided to learn how to make the Arabic pastry dough. thanks to my lovely/ninja mother’s recipe and directions I was able to achieve a very soft dough that is suitable for mana’eesh (Middle Eastern pizza), pizza, and all kinds of Arabic mo’ajanat (pastries).