Cinnamon Tea – Gerfeh bel Joz

DSC00884Cinnamon an amazing spice that is widely used in middle eastern cuisine in both savory and sweet dishes.

Today’s drink is simply called (Gerfeh bel joz) which literary translates into Cinnamon with walnuts, it is a slowly brewed cinnamon tea that is usually consumed in winter to warm you up and lift your spirit. Jordanians usually prepare it after women give birth topping it with chopped up walnuts, why is that? I have no idea its just a tradition!

In Jordan we get cinnamon bark from specialized spice shops, they don’t look cute and perfectly rolled but they taste amazing.


In a big pot or a kettle add cinnamon bark half or quarter of the vessel you are using then submerge with water. 

Bring to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes (measurements are not important because it depends on how deep the color you prefer!) sometimes its better to have this tea the next day, because the cinnamon would have steeped and turned into a beautiful rich red color.

You can of course drink it as is and it will taste very sweet, but if you chose the Jordanian way and added chopped walnuts to the top I think you must add some sort of a sweetener because the walnuts will make the tea taste a little bit bitter.

Personally I tried cinnamon tea bags and they are not worth it in my opinion, they don’t measure up to the natural taste you get from steeping your own cinnamon bark, so if you think you don’t like cinnamon tea give it another try Jordanian style.

BTW you can even keep adding more water and steeping your cinnamon bark and get delicious gerfeh every time, you don’t have to throw it away, for a couple of days that is, don’t go over board though 🙂

It gets even better some of the walnuts will sink into the bottom and towards the end of the cup you start eating plumped up walnuts that soaked all the of sweet and cinnamony (is this even a word :S) flavors!

What a treat! hmmm I want some right now, must wait until I get home *ughhhh*.

That’s it folks! I have been drinking a lot of gerfeh recently as a healthy and sweet treat since I started dieting, it satisfies my sweet tooth and I feel accomplished that I am still on track in my weight loss journey.


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