Light and delicious no-cook Jordanian breakfast

DSC00444So today’s post isn’t a recipe actually, I just wanted to share with you guys what Jordanian’s have for breakfast on these hot summer days.

One of my favorite meals in Jordan are today’s breakfast, I love eating figs, green grapes with white Arabic cheese, the saltiness of the cheese paired with the sweet firm grapes and juicy figs are an amazing treat that can be eaten at any time really.


This is sort of a dressed down version of the fancy wine and cheese platter transformed for breakfast minus the wine or not “unless you are used to having wine with your breakfast, then who am I to judge, just remember to invite me cause its rude to eat and drink alone.

The cheese we use is Nabulsi cheese or akkawi cheese, if you cant find them in Arabic or Middle Eastern stores, you can substitute them with Halloumi cheese, or semi aged goat cheese.


Sometimes we mix it up with Labaneh  from Jerash and sweet cold watermelon, this is truly a comfort food, and a meal that is perfect for a hot Jordanian summer day.

I will be writing more about Labaneh, Arabic Cheese and other Jordanian ingredients soon, and the cities in Jordan that is famous for producing them, so stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Light and delicious no-cook Jordanian breakfast

  1. liannelow says:

    I know I said I will look through your blog after work but I couldn’t not look through it after seeing figs! I am a huge fan of figs (dried, fresh or jam) and this caught my eye! What a beautiful breakfast spread! (: Thanks for sharing! xx


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