Baked Nutella Bread

   DSC00291Warning: This recipe is highly addictive no rehab center or 12 step program will help in this case, if you don’t mind being a Nutellaholic, then you are welcome to continue reading, however if you have doubts or fears of turning into one, then why fret about them? have a piece of my Baked Nutella bread and your worries will disappear 🙂 at least until your dopamine levels plummet again, then go for seconds …  Problem solved!!

DSC00283I prefer to think of my self as a purest and a minimalist when it comes to cooking, I believe in buying the best ingredients there is, and using them in a way to emphasis that ingredient, Nutella (the Italian chocolate hazelnut spread) being one of these ingredients, that you shouldn’t play with, seriously, no one was able to create a successful recipe by using Nutella as one of its ingredients!

Adding cream, sugar, milk or god knows what else!! will change the taste and divine texture of this chocolate hazelnut spread. Please keep your creativity in check just for this recipe. 

I cant call this post a recipe really, but its a new way to eat nutella, instead of DSC00286spreading it on bread or eating it straight out from the jar (we don’t judge here).  The only recipe that I will be willing to use Nutella in, is my Baked Nutella Bread, which contains only 3 ingredients.

For a horrible/impatient baker this is so easy and your family will be amazed by how creative you are 😉

So here we go, you will need:

  • Nutella (one huge jar, a couple of spoons for the bread and the rest is for the baker 😉 after all you deserve a treat)
  • Dry roasted almonds, roughly chopped (I once tried roasted hazelnuts because after all it is a hazelnut spread, long story short it was horrible)
  • Arabic Pastry dough: (Although this dough contains olive oil but the savory taste and crumbly texture from the bread paired with the sweetness of the nutella is what makes this a major hit).


  1. Roast your almonds in a baking sheet and chop them roughly while
    they are warm (Tip: they will be very soft when taken out of the oven).
  2. Roll your Pastry dough into a thin layer, and spread the nutella without reaching the edges, be careful not to tear the dough as it will be really thin.
  3. Sprinkle the chopped almonds and roll your dough carefully, sealing the edges and making it look like one big fake croissant.
  4. Let your dough rest,  then bake in a preheated oven, each oven is different, but you are looking for a golden crust at the bottom, then crisp up the top.


wait for the bread to cool DSC00281completely because the nutella is going to be very hot.

Slice and serve at room temperature with a cup of coffee, the closest you can get to heaven (if it existed anyways).



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